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Rules Of Bainscape!

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Rules Of Bainscape!

Post by FrostyBoy on Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:26 pm

1. Do not abuse any glitch: This is any abnormal function in the game which was not intended to function in that manner. This includes (but is not limited to) item glitches, NPC glitches and any glitch involving your character and stats. This also applies for no-clipping and similar actions (eg. fun pk lures). If you have doubts about wether you should be doing it, or if you are doing the wrong thing then STOP and check with a staff member.

2. Do not attempt to dupe: Simply, creating multiples of items which you did not earn, collect as drops or were given. Attempting the trade-accept-decline glitch WILL result in a loss of your items and penalties if found to be an attempted dupe.

3. Do not impersonate a staff member: If you are not a moderator, administrator or co-owner on any account then NEVER pretend or imply that you are a staff member. This does not only include claiming to be a member of staff, but also threatening players with mutes, bans or jails. Remember that there is a difference between "I'll ban you" and "That might get you banned".

4. Do not disrespect a staff member: Treat them like you would like to be treated. Moderators are players just like you, though they DO have the power to discipline other players. Same applies for admins, co-owners etc. If you break a rule then expect sanctions. If you believe you have been disciplined unfairly then politely and calmly discuss the situation. Anything else will only make the situation WORSE.

5. Staff members do NOT disrespect eachother: When a staff member has a issue with another staff member it is to be resolved through mature conversations with a higher ranking staff member.

6. Do not 1 item in wilderness: This applies to VALUABLE items. Your attack, strength, prayer potions as well as food and runes do NOT count towards this. Items that are always kept, such as the firecape do also NOT count.

7. Respect your fellow players: Do untoeth others as thou would wish to have done upon oneself. Don't be a jerk.

8. X logging: Never "X" or cross out of the server while in combat in an attempt to save your items or escape. This is not permitted even when you have NOTHING to lose. There has to be some sort of evidence for any staff member to take action. The he-said-she-said types of evidence will not be tolerated.

9. No spam: This is at the discretion of ingame moderators and your fellow players. AKA no "STUPID POINTLESS ANNOYING MESSAGES", especially repeated messages that are very similar or the same. "Sale, Sale, Sale, Sale"- we only need to hear it once or twice.
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